Australia’s richest thoroughbred horse race is emerging to be the most prestigious racing event in the entire world. Look out for these exciting events for the 2019 edition of Melbourne Cup:

1.    VIP MARQUEE: The premium enclosure for VIPs, the Melbourne Cup Bridcage  at the Flemington racecourse is a place where you will find all the rich and the famous; actors, models, designers, sports stars and all the A list people. 

It is one of the most exclusive places to be in the carnival that is if you are a full Victoria Racing Club (VRC) member or invited as a guest. Membership to the VRC can be quite expensive, and invitations are given only to the haut monde layer of the society. One way to get your hands on an invitation is if you have contacts with powerful businessmen. If there is no way for you to get in the premium marquee, there are lots of other events in the racecourse where you can have fun to your satisfaction.

2.    WATCH THE RACE IN FLESH AND IN STYLE: The centre of the whole excitement happens in the Flemington Racecourse which is situated next to the Maribyrnong River. This is the most happening place where you will witness the finest handicap in person. There is a wide variety of tickets for this event from general admission to indoors or outdoors enclosure. Be sure to be surrounded by the famous ‘fashion on field’ that attracts media like crazy while you enjoy the adrenaline pumping race on the other side.

3.    ALL IN ONE DINER: One of Melbourne’s most exciting dining destinations is situated on Southbank near Crown Melbourne. Here at Left Bank Melbourne, you will find the perfect balance of restaurant, bar and functions. You will be served with a three-course meal which is made from fresh supplies, with the best champagne. This place is a great way to celebrate the racing event with your friends and family with two big screens installed to broadcast the ongoing race.

4.    DINE A LA MODE:  Sophistication embedded in the restaurant, The Botanical is situated on the edge of the Royal Botanic Gardens.  Spend your day with your family with a taste of the high life in this place as you dine, drink, lounge and watch the race live. The Botanical is reputed to have one of the best menus and excellent services to give you a world class experience.

5.    GO GLOBAL: Near the banks of Yarra River is the World Restaurant Bar which serves cuisines from around the globe, as their name suggests. Their menu is inspired by international palate which is accompanied by tasteful music, colourful culture and a wonderful view from their terrace with an overview of the flowing river below.  Relax in the soothing atmosphere and watch the race live from where you are.

Indoors or outside there will always be an event waiting for you and your family to relax and create memories, meet new people, watch celebrities strut their designer wears. Start planning your Melbourne Cup trip and rest assured you won’t find a reason to skip a day throughout the carnival.